Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday - Day 3 some work and some play

Hello from the mission house teamToday we had beautiful weather, and a relaxing day, either visiting the Valley of the Angels to shop or to tour Rancho Ebenezer. And a few of us stayed "home" and counted pills, and perhaps had a nap. Long bus rides, but there is so much to see on the way. After our day off we are anxious to get back to the brigades tomorrow to serve these precious people of Honduras.

Some members of the team toured Rancho Ebenezer

Hearing about all the wonderful things going on at the Ranch. 

Learning about the coffee process. 

Coffee plants growing on the Ranch

Part of the mission team at Valley of the Angels

There was no rest for the Ranch Team but the day did seem like a variety show! The first act was the Scavenger Hunt where we had to search the workshop for plywood, 2x4's, screws, nails and assorted tools. (This act repeats itself throughout the day!)

The second act was Demolition. We tore off the plywood siding from the porch behind the ranch office. and removed broken bleacher boards at the soccer field. (This act also includes instruction in power drill usage for the team novice.)

For Intermission, some of the Mission House team visited Rancho Ebenezer. There were lots of hugs and good conversation! 

The third act was Construction:  We attached new plywood siding on the porch, installed and sanded new bleacher boards (just in time for an upcoming soccer game between the ranch kids and another mission organization), and started painting Bible verses in a second family home. Finally, we shoveled gravel into the stairway form built on Monday.

The Coming Attractions for the rest of the week: Paint the plywood siding. Keep painting Bible verses. Mix and pour concrete for steps. Discover what else is on Ken's list for us. Sleep hard every night!

Thanks to God for a great week so far at Rancho Ebenezer!

New plywood siding on the porch. 

The new bleacher boards were done just in time for soccer!

The steps are looking good! Lots of hard work. 

John 8:32 "And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free."