Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday - Day 1 of serving

The Ranch Team jumped into many projects today. We started by assembling some whiz bang new water filters - with a 1 million gallon guarantee! These will be used in all homes at the ranch and are an amazing gift to everyone here. 

The remainder of the day was devoted to acts of demolition and acts of creation. The guys tore down a very old, and very unsafe, play structure. They saved the plastic slides to add to another structure and the wood will make a splendid bonfire. Nothing goes to waste here at the ranch!

The gals on the team starting a project of painting a Bible verse inside each home. It sounds easy but it's quite a process. The verse for each house is chosen by the mentor parents specifically for each family group. We pray that these Scripture verses will bless the children for years to come. 

Water filter assembly

Demolition of the old wooden playset. 

Painting the Scripture verses is patient work. 

The Mission House team had a wonderful, exhausting, faith-filled day. The lines were already long when we arrived and we'd heard that they began forming as the sun began to rise. 

We saw over 300 people in optical and over 500 in medical and dental. The children's ministry shared the Gospel with many children and washed A LOT of hair. Many of the girl's were given some relief from the lice in their long, beautiful hair. It was a blessing for us to be able to love on these children and wash and style their hair with the hair pretties that were donated by so many of you. 

It was also encouraging to give two families a concrete floor in each of their homes. This lasting imprint on their lives is tiring and back breaking but well worth it. 

The medical team sees both adults and children. 

Looking cool! 

One of the two concrete floors done today. 

Exodus 33:14 "My presence will go with you and I will bring you rest."