Friday, January 22, 2016

One Final Day

Today was our last day of serving. Our morning devotion was spent glorifying our God through song and it was a beautiful way to start the day. We were blessed this week with many talented musicians and singers to lead us in worship. 

After our day of service, the team met in the evening and spent some time talking about the ways that we saw God at work throughout the week. There were numerous ways and we encourage readers of this blog to ask those that went to share their stories. 

Friday night is a time of games, snacks and the annual Euchre tournament. It's a time to have one last night of fun together before we head our separate ways tomorrow morning.  

At the end of this blog entry is a link to a video put together by the staff here at WGO. They are wonderful people and did all they could to make us feel welcome and loved. It truly was a home away from home. 

Enjoy these last few photos and make sure you stop by here on Sunday for one final entry from this year's team.

 WGO video of team

Mark 10:27 "With God, all things are possible."