Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A day at the Ranch

For the medical mission team, it was a day of rest. There was a much needed extra hour of sleep before devotion. After breakfast, most of the team took the bus to Rancho Ebenezer. We were given a tour and spent some time with the kids during their school recess. Those of us who are part of the WGOKids program were also able to meet and spend time with the child we sponsor. That was a huge treat. There is a link at the bottom of this blog entry to see more information about the Ranch and WGOKids. A fun bonus to being at the Ranch is seeing our other team members. Those who spend the week at the Ranch help with the various construction projects that are needed. It was great to see them. Today's pictures are of them working hard on all their various projects. 

After their trip to the Ranch, the medical mission team visited Cristo Del Picacho (a local national park which you can Google for information.) Tomorrow it's back to serving at two new churches.

WGOKids Information: 

Ranch Information:

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